JABEZ SHARE is a sharing system. You save more when you share!

JABEZ SHARE is a sharing system.
You save more when you share!
How does it works?
1. There is a window period open (usually one week)
2. You come on board during this one week (You purchase in the selected category during the window period)
3. After the one week period, production of the necklaces start and within 3-4 weeks, you get your desire customised necklace!
What are the benefits?
1. You save $10 off the necklaces when you apply JABEZSHARE in the coupon field before you check out.
How do I tell you what I want in the necklace?
Before you add to cart, please put your name or text in the field. 5 words will be the maximum for one necklace for the design reason.
What is Just Name Option and What is Design Needed?
Just Name Option-
Example – you put ZOE as the name, we will select the font and send to you the design before we send for production.
Design Needed –
Example – you put ZOE and a Hebrew Words, we will design it with some other design elements which you can see in the shopping cart. We will then send to your email before we send for approval.
When will Jabez Share starts again?
We will update in our Social Media posts 🙂
Click on https://jabez.sg/product/custom-necklaces/ to get yours!